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* I Love You *

This entry i created just for you my dear.. =>>> :))

when we met few months ago,

you were like no one,
i know...

i was attracted to discover the unknown,
why you??that was de question..
de only answer was attraction..
but i managed to solve the puzzle,
putting all de pieces together..

at de moment..
i saw de picture,
you're a unique wonderful creature...
you're not an ordinary human,
and no one else has something in common..
your voice makes me tremble inside and your
smile is an invitation for imagination to go wild,

that melts all ice around,
you have de brightness of a star,
that we can see twinkle,
though too far..
you have de tender power of spring,
that can revival almost everything,
you have de firmness of a mountain,
that is appreciated by everyone..

you have de insistence of de ocean,
that gives its wave in non-stopping motion..
you have generosity of de rain,
that never let a plant complain...
you have all nature glory,
that can't be put in a poem or story,

for u see,each day i love you more,
today..more than yesterday and less than tomorrow..

~i love u babe..u're alwayz in my heart~

and i want u to know that ===>>>>>


* sorry my dear..i can't put your picture cozz i don't have any your picture right now ! gomen ney ! *


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